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The downloader will crash when downloading Blizzard games. In order to fix this, the dbghelp lib needs to be disabled through winecfg.

General Instructions

Add the dbghelp lib as override
Then set this lib to disable

Detailed Instructions *

  1. Run winecfg. (If you have multiple prefixes, make sure it is the correct prefix)
  2. In the ‘Libraries’ tab, type dbghelp into the ‘New override for library’ box.
  3. Click ‘Add’, then ‘Yes’ when it asks if you are sure.
  4. Click on ‘dbghelp’ in the ‘Existing_overrides’ list.
  5. Click ‘Edit’.
  6. Set to ‘disabled’.
  7. Click ‘OK’, then ‘OK’.
  8. Client should now run.
  • andrew m contributed these instructions

就是运行 winecfg, 在函数库中,先添加dbghelp, 然后点击编辑,将这个库停用,即可完成安装,并运行
intel集成显卡的64位系统运行时出现opengl 错误,需要安装mesa-dri-drivers.i686

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