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1.根据波粒二相性可以推测: 所有单一同源场都存在一个固定同向的内部力 ,该内部力的作用方向与场的运动方向并不一定相同,场对外部的作用力是运动与内部力共同作用的结果。 由于场的内部力方向固定,并且场的广播性,所以在相对于物体的不同位置力的作用效果就不一样,可能这个内部作用力刚好指向物体,这就产生了引力,同理,指向物体前方,就存在了排斥力。







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1 According to the wave-particle two-phase nature can speculate: All single cognate fields exist inside the same force a fixed direction, and the direction of movement of the role of the internal field in the direction of the force is not necessarily the same, the role of the external field force is the result of the movement and interaction of internal forces. Due to the fixed direction of the internal force field and the field of broadcasting, so in different positions relative to the force effects of the object is not the same, the internal force may be just the pointing object, which generates a gravitational same token, the object point the front, there is a repulsive force.

Internal atomic particles such force because the internal forces between the particles are not parallel direction, so in the inertia motion trajectories of electrons causes uncertainty.

For the force of massive objects (such as planets, interstellar between objects) between its trajectory on the performance of detectability (although it also changes, but due to the relative motion is very slow, very small changes in the magnitude of the change is not so obvious), also because the force is not parallel to the direction, resulting in an irregular trajectory, but the entire cycle in a memory with a maximum repulsive force maximum attraction

Also for electromagnetic fields, due to internal force direction is not parallel, it was the presence of different sources of interference, but not homologous electromagnetic interference exists, and will be strengthened.

In addition, we can also speculate that is the force of energy performance. For example, nuclear fusion is due at the time of the outbreak, the energy field have been very confusing, its internal force direction was confusing, leading to uncontrollable. The reason is not controllable because each particle was released in different energy fields. Other fields near the energy field will have an effect, resulting in mechanical effect.

The combination of the two particles of an object objects outside force to make them work together is, of course, because of the close relationship between the movement

2 Assuming the speed of light when two objects or leave the relative motion, gravitation formula can be introduced through mass-energy equation,

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